Last of an Exceptional Breed
Book # 3
The Legend of Draconis​

Author Janet Taylor-Perry.

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Whatever It Takes
Book #4 

The Raiford Chronicles

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Homegrown Healer

Book # 1

Hillbilly Hijinks

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Book #2 

The Raiford Chronicles

Ain't No Mountain 

Book #1

Gods and Children  

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Spirit's Desire

Book # 2

The Legend of Draconis

Janet Taylor-Perry

Book #3

The Raiford Chronicles

Head Count

Book #1

A Laura Beth Copeland Misadventure

Wilted Magnolias

Book #1

An April Chastain Intrigue


King Satin's Realm

Book #1

The Legend of Draconis

Lucky Thirteen

Book #1

The Raiford Chronicles